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Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Invest in the Meta-Lax Stress Relief Technology!

Posted by Gregory Merritt on Tue, Oct 13, 2009 @ 10:10 AM

Important Update:
Meta-Lax technology can help you get out of the recession quicker and achieve higher profits later. The patented Meta-Lax stress relief process is as CONSISTENTLY EFFECTIVE as thermal stress relief yet Meta-Lax is about 5-10% of the cost, about eight times faster, and an in-house operation.Meta-Lax Instead of Thermal Stress Relief Saving 90% of the Cost.

Why It Makes Sense to Invest in Meta-Lax Now!

1. Quoting Edge/Saving Money.  It's a fact using Meta-Lax instead of thermal stress relief results in a typical savings of 60-95% based on eliminating treatment costs, along with other costs like trucking and straightening. You can pocket these savings, or lower the price of your quote which should win you more business.

2. Keep jobs in-house/Start a Service Business.  Keep YOUR staff busy with your work. Usually you can accomplish all your stress relief needs with your current staff without adding time to their schedule. This avoids layoffs. You could also easily expand your business by offering a new while-you-wait or on-site stress relief service.
Meta-Lax Stress Relief, as good or better than Thermal Stress Relief
3. BECOME RECESSION RESISTANT.  It's a fact that Bonal customers tend to be the last to go down in a recession and the first to come out of it. That's the priceless Meta-Lax advantage!

Bonal has three product lines utilizing Meta-Lax technology ranging in price from $118-678/month. Find out more at these useful links:

Product Comparison Guide
ROI Calculator on New Equipment

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P.S. Quality conscious companies everywhere rely on "Meta-Lax" because it is as good as thermal stress relief yet has many timely benefits that help them thrive in any business climate

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