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Repair Your Mining Equipment On-Site

Posted by Gregory Merritt on Thu, Sep 10, 2009 @ 13:09 PM

This posting is to let you know how easy it is to do weld repairs of your mining equipment right on-site in the field. Save time, save money and improve quality.

Here's How: By applying sub-harmonic vibrations during welding (from the portable Meta-Lax equipment) the weld metal packs down during solidification. Grain refinement and crack resistant welds result. 

Shovel and Boom

The ability to make extensive weld repairs on-site without taking the part back to the shop is now possible for two reasons. First, by using the patented Meta-Lax sub-harmonic vibration process during welding, weld quality is improved due to grain refinement and lower porosity.

This means that extensive weld repairs can be made on-site and usually without disassembly.  Second, the Meta-Lax equipment is extremely portable and only needs 110v electricity from a generator. Why bother taking time to transport parts to the shop when the solution can come to the part?

Who Uses This: Kinross Gold, Kennecott, Caterpillar, Cerrejon Coal, Holt CAT, Empire Bucket, Coteau Properties, Bucyrus, Corrosion Engineering, Trapper Mining, Recolsa, Kimball Equipment.

Call us now and we'll show you how to get your mining equipment repaired on-site.

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